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Essential Claims Processing

CB VATAmerica’s affiliated UCB Member Firms provide VAT refund application preparation, submission, and monitoring in most EU Member States as well as in Norway and Switzerland. Our local offices interact with local tax authorities regularly, implement changes in local laws and procedures, and assure professional relationships with the local tax authorities.

When available, our submission offices utilize electronic submission procedures. Our systems are designed and our staff is trained to accommodate the electronic claims requirements that came into force in 2010 for inter-EU VAT refund claims.

The European Aviation Fuel Tax Advisor is now available.

Click here to use the web version or download the free app available on the App Store or on Google Play to identify opportunities to reduce the cost of operating your aircraft into Europe.

CB VATAmerica is a single-member limited liability company organized in New Jersey, USA. Its sole member is VATAmerica, LP, a New Jersey limited partnership. Professional client services are supplied by VATAmerica, LP in accordance with engagement agreements between the respective client and either VATAmerica, LP or CB VATAmerica LLC.

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