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Special Engagement Features

A broad menu of specialized procedures and features is included in every CB VATAmerica engagement.

Online Claims Status Reporting - 24/7 access to the current status of all claims activity. Our internal claims database records are “beamed” to the Client Access Center on our website daily and accessible to those designated by the client.

Online Engagement Administration - Clients can download and print pre-completed engagement documents such as letters of authority from the Client Access Center. Additional administrative document requests are emailed periodically based on prior claims submissions.

Document Correction - Included in standard fee – no "restyling" charges. Original invoices issued by VAT-registered vendors must normally accompany VAT refund applications. Certain countries, like Germany and the Netherlands, insist that almost every invoice, including employee travel invoices, bear the name of the claimant company. As many hotel invoices do not routinely include a company name, these must be “corrected” by resubmission to and certification by the vendor. Some VAT services charge a separate fee for "restyling" an invoice. CB VATAmerica includes document correction in the base fee with no separate charge to correct documents.

Interbank Currency Exchange Rates - Funds transferred with no currency exchange profit or “float” directly from our client trust accounts at Credit Suisse, Zurich.

Process Improvement Suggestions - Comparison of results against benchmarks and advice on process improvements. For larger engagements, we prepare an annual “Engagement Report” suggesting process improvements.

Technical Assistance - As requested, usually at no charge.


The European Aviation Fuel Tax Advisor is now available.

Click here to use the web version or download the free app available on the App Store or on Google Play to identify opportunities to reduce the cost of operating your aircraft into Europe.

CB VATAmerica is a single-member limited liability company organized in New Jersey, USA. Its sole member is VATAmerica, LP, a New Jersey limited partnership. Professional client services are supplied by VATAmerica, LP in accordance with engagement agreements between the respective client and either VATAmerica, LP or CB VATAmerica LLC.

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